10 ways to earn using Digital Marketing (A 2021 Guide)

10 ways to earn using Digital Marketing (A 2021 Guide)

This image shown allows you to understand about 10 ways to earn using digital marketing in 2021. It also helps to understand different digital marketing services.
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What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is not a completely new field but recently has become highly competitive. The rising pandemic and the work from home culture have given all the more wave to this fiercely spreading Trend. I will explain 10 ways to earn using digital marketing.

The word marketing which we knew a decade before has drastically changed over the last 10-15 years. The key reasons being the massive disruption caused on the online front by the social media platform.

Digital marketing, in short, is using online platforms and digital media channels like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Google to sell your products and services. It has become more about engagement than just awareness.

Today, you can find many digital marketing service provider agencies that provide different offerings like social media marketing, SEO, and also courses that can help you with skills needed for digital marketing.

If you want to know how you can earn by learning digital marketing then this blog is for you.

Top 10 ways to earn using digital marketing

  1. Blogging

You may be wondering how one can generate revenue using blogs because blogs are just informative pieces of written articles that are published on a website to attract traffic.

Once your website is attracting a good number of people (traffic), you can start using Google AdSense to monetize your website. Google shows ads on such blogs which has traffic and are standing up on few other parameters decided by Google.

You may use this blog to also sell different products using backlinks and promoting brands that tie up with you to be featured on your blogs.

  1. Search engine optimization

Whenever we search anything on Google, it gives us lakhs of results within a fraction of a second. Search engine optimisation is a set of processes and principles. These principles can be applied to your website or to your client’s website to make it rank on the first page of this result.

It uses several algorithms to rank your website organically on the search engine using relevant keyword phrases and many more such parameters.

Companies pay a hefty sum of money to SEO experts so that they can rank on the first page of Google search.

  1. Website designing services

Like having a WhatsApp number or Facebook account and professional mail ID has become too obvious for anyone to start doing business. Similarly, having a digital presence in a market using your website has become the priority of many businesses.

Websites with good UI on the landing page that can gain customer’s attention have proven to increase sales of companies.

You may not have to be an expert in coding to start building websites for your clients. You can start watching some of the videos available over YouTube to understand how WordPress works. Use this knowledge and start developing websites for your client.

  1. Social media marketing

Marketing is no more just “Awareness” but “Engagement”. It has become quite more important nowadays to have social media platforms publish content that engages with users more frequently. 

To have engaging content requires a lot of research and design knowledge. By using these two create contents that are valuable to your end-user. SMM uses different social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn to reach the target audience.

Most of the time terms like digital marketing and social media marketing are used interchangeably. There lies a huge difference among them, SMM is a subset of Digital Marketing.

  1. Affiliate marketing

Have you ever wondered why some people give so much detailed feedback about a simple product available on Amazon or a tool that they have been using to simplify their business?

The answer is quite simple, there may be two reasons. Number one to generate YouTube revenue or Adsense Revenue, number two to generate affiliate marketing revenue.

Companies give influencers and marketers commission for each sale that they achieve, using affiliate links. One of the best examples in the market presently is the Amazon affiliate program. Guess what? You can earn 8 to 10% commissions by referring products on your blogs and your YouTube channel.

  1. Email marketing

Email marketing is one of the oldest and underrated forms of digital marketing methods.

It has great potential to reach millions of users in a single click and is the most affordable as well.

Information like promotional content, newsletters, or the latest offerings can be shared with your email subscriber list within seconds. Besides its low conversion rate, it is still the most preferred channel for any company.

  1. Freelancing

If you have heard about the new form of economy or gig economy then for sure you are familiar with the term freelancing.

It is selling your services at an individual level may be any of the services that I have already mentioned. There are many platforms like freelancer, fiver where you can make a small gig about the product or service that you can offer to your customer.

The customer buys any of these gigs and hands over his or her project to you.

You can create your gig and start promoting your digital marketing services on upwork.

  1. YouTube Advertising Partner

YouTube is an ever-growing platform where people post their video content on different topics.

You can choose your niche and start uploading videos to gain traction and become an advertising partner with YouTube.

The process involved is quite simple. You have to invest your time creating and publishing content on your channel and promoting them to your audience.

Once you have reached a standard set by YouTube you can monetize your channel and YouTube will start showing ads on your videos.

Whenever someone views or clicks the ad that has been shown to them, YouTube pays you a tiny amount of money.

Make sure you go through all the policies to become a YouTube advertising partner before you start choosing it as an option.

  1. Sell your digital products

Digital products like ebooks, video courses, website templates, design templates, themes, music, photographs are created and sold online to generate repeated revenue.

The main advantage of these kinds of digital products is that you just create them once and sell them again and again.

E-books are the digital form of any book.

Video courses are set of video tutorials that can be uploaded on a learning management system. They are commonly on a very specific topic. Example Designing using Canva can be a digital course that you can sell.

There are platforms like Udemy, Alison that you can use to sell your courses.

If you are good at designing web templates you can sell your web templates on the Envato market and earn a decent amount of money

  1. Online consultation

Once you start understanding how different aspects of digital marketing works and the way you can help your client in growing their business digitally, you can start giving online consultations to your client base.

This would require a good amount of time where you create your personal brand in the digital world and show some case studies where you have helped businesses achieve their goals.

Consultation is one of the highest paying forms of digital marketing where you may not be delivering the client’s needs directly but might be passing it on to other digital marketing agencies.


Do not limit yourself to just these options where you can earn digitally. There are many emerging options that you can choose from. Do the respective research and find out your niche where you can use digital marketing and live your dream life.

Gaurav Kumar Agarwalla

Founder Nezler Technologies

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